The 3 S dessert - So Sinfully Simple

June 10, 2018

This dessert is as simple as you want. My version of a dirt cake. You can do it with all pre-bought items or you can make it from scratch - whatever you choose. It's a layered dessert with brownies, chocolate pudding, whip cream and a chocolate bar - how much simpler can it get.


So, here's what you need
brownies - you can bake from scratch, use a mix or the two bite brownies from the grocery store would work too - just don't use iced brownies.
whipped cream - I used 2 cups fresh with Dr.Oetkers vanilla sugar and whip it to stabilize the whipping cream, but you could use cool whip too
Chocolate pudding - 1 used the 6 serving package and made this according to the directions on the package
Chcoolate bar - 1 used skor for a couple of them and reeses peanut butter cups.



In indiviual dishes (see thru are prettiest - I used my Iittala Kastehelmi dishes from Crocus & Ivy and made 7 servings)


brownie (in cubes)
chocolate pudding
whipped cream
chopped chocolate bar
and... repeat the next layer


Remember this is not supposed to look pretty. It's my version of a dirt cake, so don't worry if your layers aren't perfect. When the spoon goes in and you get a little bit of everyting - it's like a little bit of happiness in your mouth!




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